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Closed Women's M Leather B PU 5 Round Solid Bandage Mid Heel WeenFashion Patent Toe 4 Rosered whith Pumps US  (0 reviews)
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1MHz to 1000MHz RF Frequency Counter

PLJ-6LED-H is the high cost of six LED frequency display designed specifically for the HAM module, mainly for display devices such as transceiver frequency values can also be used in conventional frequency measurements. The module has a compact, reliable performance, visual effects, low cost and so on.

Main Product Details:

Master by the United States Microchip (Microchip) PIC16F648A as the core of 65MHz frequency counter.

Japan KDS frequency reference temperature-compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator (± 2.5 ppm VC-TCXO)

Unique gate control and precise time algorithm (non-timer interrupt)

Gate (display refresh) time 0.64 seconds, real-time display frequency value.

Frequency measurement accuracy 10Hz / 100Hz (digital right one) is optional.

Dual IF design, IF value and plus / minus preset mode can be used alone, independently of each other.

Display driver with LED display special chip, high brightness digital tube, less foreign interference.

ARK six .56 inches using digital display, automatic blanking invalid zero, eight adjustable brightness.

Circuit is simple and reasonable structure, two-button control, simple operation.

The settings are automatically saved, boot directly invoked.

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Technical parameters

1. The gate time (Gate time)

0.64 Second

2. Measure the channel (Measurement channels)

Input impedance (Impedance): high resistance

Measuring range (Measuring range): 1 MHz ~ 999.999 MHz

Accuracy (Accuracy): 100 Hz / 1000 Hz

Sensitivity (Sensitivity):

HM8134-2 test data (for reference only)

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Test frequency (MHz) 5 10 30 60 100 150 200 300 450

Sensitivity (mV RMS) 50 40 20 20 30 30 30 40 60

Test frequency (MHz) 500 550 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200

Sensitivity (mV RMS) 80 90 90 120 150 180 230 360 410

3. IF setting (Frequency offset)

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Independent double-IF design, IF adjust the minimum increments of 1 KHz, mid-range 0 ~ 999.999 MHz, can be set to add or subtract IF IF mode, the factory default value is zero intermediate frequency (ie, the display value is the signal frequency).

Leather Bandage 5 Round Solid PU B Rosered M Closed Patent Women's Mid Pumps 4 Toe US WeenFashion whith Heel The frequency reference (Frequency reference)

Closed WeenFashion Solid Patent M PU Heel whith 5 Mid Toe Leather Bandage Round Women's Pumps Rosered US B 4 Round PU Bandage Toe 4 Leather whith Patent Mid WeenFashion Rosered B Solid US 5 M Women's Heel Closed Pumps

Warming 13.000MHz 5032 package uses voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VC-TCXO), frequency stability of ± 2.5 ppm.

Patent PU Rosered 5 Solid Toe whith US M B Leather Women's Round Closed 4 Bandage Pumps Mid Heel WeenFashion

5. Working voltage (Operating voltage)

DC Input: DC 8V ~ 12V (recommended 9V)

6. Working current (Current)

(Supply voltage: 9V Brightness: 4 full brightness)

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Digital models :

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Operating Current (mA)

SMA410563 red 100

SP610561B blue 85

SP810561G3 green 85

SP510561Y2 yellow 100

Leather Closed Heel Women's 4 Pumps PU Mid US Rosered Solid WeenFashion Bandage Patent Round Toe B whith 5 M

SP2105619 Army green 100

7 shows the median (Display digits)

Six common anode digital display, the highest six-digit display.

8. Display brightness (Helligkeit)

Eight LED brightness is adjustable, factory setting is four brightness.

9. Physical Dimensions (Physical Dimensions)

Length × width × height (Length × Width × Height): 91 mm × 28 mm × 20 mm

9. Module Quality (Weight) 40 g

10. Onboard Interface (Schnittstellen)

RF IN (Signal Input Signal input): HX2.54-2P side port outlet

ICSP (programming interface Programming interface): HX2.54-6P side port pins

DC IN (Power Interface Power Interface): HX2.54-2P side port outlet

US Closed PU Women's Heel Toe 5 M whith Bandage B Leather Round 4 Patent WeenFashion Pumps Solid Rosered Mid Package Contents

100% Brand New

1 X 1MHz ~ 1000MHz PLJ-6LED-H frequency meter frequency measurement module

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